Wall pictures for home

Photography in Living Spaces

Artist Britta Elisa Krämer has made it her mission to create rooms full of color and mood with her photography. High-energy photo art, like that of COLORS OF SUN, contributes to a holistic sense of well-being for the whole family.

The radiant photographs delight people and promote the creation of harmonious ambiences. It is not unusual for apartments to have long corridors, dark rooms, unfavorable entrance areas and a little bit oppressive atmospheres. With the images from COLORS OF SUN this can easily be positively transformed into a bright and joyful room atmosphere.

The sun art will brighten the mind: a distinct benefit at the dining table for enjoying the good food together. The various sizes of the photos on acrylic, photos behind glass or on canvas can be adapted to any room situation.

Canvas Picture in Children's Room

Wall Canvas Picture in Children's Room

A positive room ambience helps especially children to recuperate from strenuous activities. They are very open to their surroundings.

Rooms influence the way we feel, think and act. Especially for children, a bright, cheerful children’s room atmosphere is important for their well-being and relaxation. In the evening, before falling asleep, the harmonious images of the sun can help your child to find an equalizing balance.

Children have a particularly accurate grasp of what is good for them; perhaps you should let your children choose a picture themselves.

Photo Art under Acrylic or on Canvas

Wall Picture in Bedroom

A bedroom with an ambience that is well-balanced in terms of energy and tranquility allows for restful sleep and also motivates us to read or relax in peace.

Since this photo art of COLORS OF SUN possesses a strong aura that is derived from the sun, it has a holistic effect on body, soul and spirit. These tangible and visible qualities of this photo art create oases of well-being.

The photographs are available in a wide spectrum of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, making it easy to choose the right one for each room, according to their different desired levels of repose.

By telephone or via skype

Room Atmosphere Consultation

Thanks to Britta Elisa Krämer’s extensive life experience in creating both private and business room atmospheres, she has been able to experience again and again how supportive her consultations with customers are in helping them to select wall pictures.

Do you have questions about your rooms? Would you like to be advised in selecting pictures? You can use our contact form to arrange a consultation appointment for creating your new room atmosphere with the photo art from COLORS OF SUN. We will get back to you. Consultation: 70.- € + 16% value added tax / hour

Consultations with Britta Elisa Krämer take place either by telephone or via skype. It is helpful here if you send us a photo of your room in advance. It is helpful if you send us a photo of your room or rooms in advance using our contact form. You can upload your pictures when you request an appointment.