LED light box

Here you can watch our animation and get a short impression of how the light appears in warm white, mixed white or cold white.

LED light box with optimal LED illumination

The LED light box is another room atmosphere design product. It brings the photo art of COLORS OF SUN into effect as illuminated wall pictures.

You can regulate the color spectrum of natural white/warm white/cold white and mixed white with a dimmer, which allows you to respond individually according to your specific mood and the daylight. Create a luminous eye-catcher for your family, customers and patients with the LED light box from COLORS OF SUN.

The philosophy of artist Britta Elisa Krämer, light is life, is expressed more intensely through the lighting behind the sun pictures.

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Formats and technical parameters
  • 80 x 60 cm; 110 x 120 cm; 126x162 cm
  • LED illuminant
  • Photo behind acrylic glass - high gloss
  • Front side material: acrylic glass gloss 3mm
  • Backsides Material: Alu Dibond 3mm
  • frame aluminium: white
  • construction depth: 16 mm
  • Working voltage: 12/24 V DC including power supply
  • Colour spectrum RGB + dimmer: natural white / warm white / cold white / mixed white / colour change
  • Product life: approx. 50,000 hours approx. 11 years